Philippe Corpataux obtained his law degree from Fribourg University in 2001 and was admitted to the Fribourg Bar in 2004.

Then, he worked in a Fiduciary Company until 2006, in which he counselled regional and international clients.

From 2006 to 2010, he worked for the law department of the Michelin Tyres Group, essentially in commercial law and in collaboration with foreign law departments of the group. In 2010, he became a partner of the law firm Schneuwly & Sahli in Fribourg, before he joined mbp avocats in November 2015.

Fields of practice

  • Contract law
  • Commercial and Company law
  • Construction law
  • Family and Inheritance law
  • Employment and Tenancy law
  • Criminal law (including road traffic law)
  • Debt enforcement and bankruptcy law